Ideal Fibre Industries Limited (IFIL) is an Internationally renowned and recognized Manufacturer and exporter of PP woven Bags, HDPE/LDPE Liner Bags, PP Laminated Bags, BOPP Bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) and Popular for packing the widest variety of products worldwide. Ideal Fibre Industries Limited was incorporated in 2006 and the commercial production was started in 2011.


Bangladesh at a glance

Bangladesh is a country founded in 1971 after a long liberation struggle. The country is having valuable historical and cultural heritage. It is a country of agrarian based economy. Although major contribution to economy comes from agriculture, still industrialization is growing rapidly in the country and contributes a big role in sharing the development of the economy too.

Country’s Name The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Capital Dhaka
Location 20.34’-26.38’N and 88.41’-92.41E
Population 150 Millions
Time GMT + 6.00 hours
Major ExportableItems Jute, Tea, Leather, Readymade Garments and Handicrafts, Shrimps etc.